Wit of the Stair Case: An Unfinished Documentary of Robert Jordan's Life and Work


The Wit of the Staircase was a documentary about the life and work of Robert Jordan by Hunter Wentworth that was never finished. You can watch a clip here: https://vimeo.com/978954 .

My question is: does anyone know why this was never released? I know that it sounded rather I like his vision of the documentary, but don’t understand why nothing came from it. There are definitely ways on the internet to raise money, and I have to believe that fan interest along would be enough to earn back whatever was invested. I guess I’m looking to see if anyone knows what happened and why it was never finished and released. I love documentaries and would have loved to watch this one. Obviously! Since I’m talking about it a decade after the trailer was released.


Narg remembers that, inrc the guy did raise money from fans to fund it. Not sure what happened to him or the money though. Narg will ask around.


I didn’t here that they raised the money to fund it, so that’s an interesting tidbit. I always assumed that they didn’t have the money to finish the documentary, but now I’m curious to find out what they did with the money.


Jason from DM did respond to my query on FB. He does know what happened, but was not forthcoming about it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The last update from was from 2011 on their website:

Current Status Winter 2011
We are in the final phases of post production. A composer has been contracted and we are finishing with editorial. A nice work-print is making the rounds and getting rave reviews!

And the last bit of news Narg could find was from an aMoL signing in Charleston January 2013:

Hunter Wentworth was on hand showing portions of The Wit of the Staircase, his documentary on the life of Robert Jordan, as well as filming the event for inclusion in the final cut of his movie

Seems like it was virtually all done. Perhaps they ran into legal issues or someone asked them not to release it?