What are you currently reading? (mini reviews)


Narg is currently on the last book Traitor Son Cycle

The series started out well and Narg really enjoyed the first three books. Unfortunately it’s kind of petered off over the last two books. Hopefully it picks up again and ends with a bang!

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Just started A Memory of Light and interested in more by Sanderson but I think I will have to reread WoT. I just have SOOOO many questions and theories.


@Mahalleinir You’ll definitely pick up more and have a deeper appreciation on your first reread. Narg would say have a short break and try The First Empire trilogy by Sanderson to refresh yourself first.

As for questions and theories, Lucky for you there’s a new community for you to ask/share them with😉 Narg better go make a book catorgory👀


I just got a new Audible credit today and I think I will spend it on the first book of that trilogy. Thanks Narg.


Narg can you do compulsion?? I’m halfway through Mistborn before starting EotW re read just as you say.


Narg just Smart :wink: RJ said so…

How are you finding Mistborn?


Fantastic. Tight story that I’m imaging what could be if the last battle in WoT went a different way. Also 100 pages left and just realised what, and whos words above each chapter are. Had to go back and read them again. Book 2 and 3 ordered.


I’m in the middle of A Feast for Crows. It’s good, but not as good as the previous three. And Cersei is as despicable as I thought she’d be. But I’m dying to reread WoT


Are you a fan of the show? If so whats it like reading the books after having already watched events play out on screen?


Cersei is more of a relatable person in the books in my opinion. You can see the solid reasons of her actions unlike in the show.

As for the book I am reading right now, Way of Kings from Sanderson ^^ The lore is overwhelming and beautiful but I am reading it in a very slow pace, sadly.


I’ve watched the show and I like it a lot. The first few seasons are quite close to the books, but it’s really great reading them because there’s much more to feel when I’m reading than when I’m watching. And there are many details left out in the show which are made up for in the books, which is great.


But so far the word that I would use to describe Cersei is cruel. She’s so greedy and trying to fill her father’s shoes that it gets kind of annoying. Even her treatment of Tommen is cruel and he’s her son.

Really can’t wait to start Stormlight, but I think I’m going to wait for a few more books to come out.


Ditto🤠 No way Narg is starting a news series that won’t be finished for another 10+ years.


I just started Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter. I’m also listening to Robert Jordan’s Shadow Rising on Audible.