The Problem with Casting Moiraine



The main problem with casting Moiraine is simple. She plays a major part in the beginning part of the books, disappears for a large swath in the middle, and then returns in the end. Here’s the issue. If WoT becomes popular enough that it is picked up for all the seasons then the actress who plays Moiraine is going to be unemployed for several seasons. This opens up the possibility that another show would probably try and piggyback off the WoT’s popularity by signing the actress to be a part of another show. Sure they could recast Moirane, but that is different than recasting the Mountain in GoT or any number of other small characters. Would it kill the excitement to have another character reenter to the series with another actress? Would the fan base accept Moiraine reentering the series with a different character? What if the directors change the rules and make the way gate change physical properties of people who pass through? Would that be an acceptable option? It would need to be preplanned of course which would lead to more recasting though. What does everyone think?


Not a huge problem. There are other shows where big characters are absent for more than one season. The main one that comes to mind for me at the moment is Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Not sure what the agreement is or what they do in their absence, but it works.


Yeah can’t see it being much of a problem unless the actress dies or quits working altogether. Her role at the end assuming we even get that far is so small that it’s unlikely she wouldn’t be able to work it into her schedule. She’d Have to be a total diva to refuse to return to shoot a few scenes.

Worse case scenario, make up some excuse about her being put into another body by the Finns. As for the fan base, the produces can just lay the blame at actresses feet for refusing to return :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m sure there can be something put into the contract about the actress having to come back, and theres no reason the script couldn’t be edited for her to make cameo appearances every so often, haunting Rands dreams because he couldn’t save her, etc


If that’s an issue, then the producers can put flashback scenes throughout the series where she and Lan would appear before the events of the series. I’m pretty sure there’s loads to tell, like the time Lan carried her to Tar Valon to be Healed by Anaiya or how she knew to look for Rand in the Two Rivers. That way they could keep her for a few more seasons