The Daily Trolloc (38)



Issue 38 of The Daily Tr😈lloc is out! Featuring some of the best art from EotW Narg has seen, WoT cosplay, Mat gets boxed, WoT fanfic shortfilm, Pics of RJ personal book collection up for sale and TV show recap from The Wertzone and a History lesson on Hawkwing.


The reasons for the ongoing obfuscation are likely linked to the different partners involved: Amazon, Sony and Radar Pictures all have part of the production pie, whilst the Bandersnatch Group (the official name of the Robert Jordan Estate) and Red Eagle Productions have producer and advisory roles. As a result no formal announcement can be made until all five of these parties (and likely others) are satisfied with the pilot script and the progress of the project

Can’t agree with this part of The Wertzone blog post. Firstly we know from Harriet she hasn’t even seen the script. If she actually had a say, she would have surely seen it by now. Narg also doubts Radar or REE have any say over the script. Radar seem to be the rights holders based on them being the ones to do a deal with Sony. Sony are the ones in charge of making the show(unless something has changed) and as far as Narg has researched, they would be the ones along with Rafe working with Amazon to get the show up, and assuming Amazon want the show and like the script the biggest hurdle would be agreeing on the budget INO.