Matrim Cauthon Custom Pop Commission!



On the premise of “build it and they’ll come” Narg commissioned Dreams of Pop to make him some Wheel of Time TV merchandise. Can’t have merchandise without a show, therefore once the Pop Vinyl is completed, the show has to happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here are the two pictures of Mat that Narg sent them as the reference:

This is what Narg got back(Still a work in progress and no Mat is not black :wink:)


So what do you think?

Narg will update this thread as more photos are sent!


I think I wanna know who and how much because it would be awesome to get a Perrin Pop with Mahalleinir in hand. This looks awesome though. The artist is killin it


Something like this with Hopper?


The artist has done pops with wolves before.

Might need to have the hammer out front though due to the pop head🙂

As to the price, the artist doesn’t like to advertise what he charges, so put a figure out there that you’d be happy to pay and Narg will let you know if you’re warm or cold🤓


Wow that’s amazing work. I didn’t mention Hopper in my earlier reply because I didn’t want to seem greedy :grin:

You say hammer out in front and I think of this

As far as price, :man_shrugging: $40?


You’re somewhere in the Artic Circle :open_mouth: A mass produced official pop of Perrin and Hopper would be around that price.:wink: