Location, Location, Location!


Let’s be honest guys, part of what makes Wheel of Time such a great series is the world it is set it; a heavily detailed place with over 3000 years of history hold in it.

If we want to give the derives that same care and attention, what locations do you guys think they do some of their shoots?

We know that much of the scenery will be CGI; Places like the Stone of Tear, Dragonmount and Tar Valon will have to be rendered with CGI or built in a studio, but what about the Aiel Wastes, the Two Rivers, the Blight? Where would you shoot these?


Well assuming Sony Pictures Television are still the production studio, looking at where they shoot there other “period” shows might be a good indication of where the bulk of the filming will occur.

Outlander uses Sound stages in Scotland for there set work, and The Crown is based in Hertfordshire England. Both are close to plenty of appropriate outdoor settings as well. Narg would be surprised if the show isn’t based in Britain or Europe somewhere. Which ever country gives them the biggest tax breaks/incentives/funding grants will likely determine the base though. The forests, old villages, castles/manors and ruins spread throughout the UK and Europe are suitable for most of WoT’s settings.

The Waste is the only setting that they might need to travel outside Europe for and Morocco is a popular filming location for desert settings.


The best setting for the al’Thor farm Narg has seen is this place:

Throw some thatch on the roof and it’s perfect…looks just like Narg remembers it…:wink:

For Caemlyn, perhaps parts of Edinburgh for the inner city and Palace?



A bit of sprucing up with cgi and Edinburgh Castle should come up looking nice.:cowboy_hat_face:


Al’Thor Farm Possibility?
Oconaluftee Visitors Center Cherokee, NC


Fal Dara “Dover Castle”



Stone of Tear “Castel dell’Ovo”


I would film in the southern Illinois and Tennessee area.

Tennessee for the mountains of mist.


Souther Illinois because it has a ton of forested areas, open farm land, you could literally build a town on some areas and its all border by forest. Also, the southern end of Illinois comes together bordered by wait for it…wait for it…………

….two rivers.


Not sure what location budget will be but China would be a fit for Ebou Dar or Ilian.



These 2 are zhouzuang. The other 2 can be googled. Lots to xhoose from in a small travel distance.