Jordancon updates


Narg, are you at Jordancon? I am and am hearing nothing so far. No update at all at the opening and no whispers since. I am going to try to ask Harriet at 2:30 today for a hint. Have you heard anything? I am starting to wonder if Amazon has an option on it but it may or may not be picked up based on Rafe’s script. Just speculation…


In the team Jordan live panel and they have an update. Harriet said there is a distributor deal but she says she didn’t know who but it is a new age distributor like Amazon. She said there is a script but she hasn’t seen it. The distributor likes the script. Season 1 is guaranteed, not just a pilot. But it had been mostly silent she doesn’t know much.


Thanks for the update! Hopefully who ever the distributor is they make it official soon🤠