How Would You Pitch the Show?



We know Ted Fields elevator pitch for the show is:

The show is set in the distant future when women now rule a universe that has been all but destroyed by the male power structure – “the ultimate gender dynamics series,”

But Narg is sure you guys can do better than that!

> Rotten Tomatoes didn’t do to badly describing it:

Set in a world that is both Earth’s distant past and far future, the cycle of time is threatened by a Shadow of ultimate evil. It searches for “The Dragon Reborn,” a being of light fated to clash with the Shadow. Various enemies and allies of both sides appear as the main characters learn more about their fate and even cross into parallel worlds.

Bonus points if you come up with different pitches for different networks. I.E you probably wouldn’t use the same pitch for HBO as for the CW😉


I kind of think that the series should start in our world and show all the different cultures and busy life, and then world war breaks the world, from there it progress through each age and shows the stone age and progresses through each age where we see these cultures worshiping and stories being told through hand gestures and body language all the while the narrator reads:

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

When we get to the Age of Legends we again see all the same cultures as we did when the show started in our age, but how everything has changed. After we scroll through that we are introduced to Lews Therin and proceed through the Breaking of the World.

I think they need this progression if they want to remain faithful to the book as far as the cultures go. This way can show how Lews Therin broke the world and moved all the worlds different cultures around. The purpose is to show that there is a reason why a culture that, in our world, resembles a middle eastern culture would have a savior who is light skinned and red hair.

I like that as an intro. The entire scene would take between 10-20 minutes.

Personally, I hope they cast Rand with an actor who has a darker skin tone and have them dye his hair red. I just think that the Aiel will be better represented with actors and actors that are of a middle eastern, hispanic, or native American heritage.

OK, that is my intro. Not much of a pitch though…sorry.


Have you scene the intro for the 1999 game?

Narg thinks an updated cgi version of that would be cool for the first episode.


Yeah, that’s pretty good! If done correctly I don’t see how this show isn’t a hit even bigger than Game of Thrones. It just has such a deep-rich storyline.


Imagine if you will a future beyond ours. Beyond abilities like ‘the force’. Where humans have evolved to manipulate space and time. Where technology is so advanced it appears magical to us. A place where society came to a point unsustainable and broke down. Losing the knowledge of interstellar travel becoming pre industrial again. That happened thousands of years ago and this story begins with the rebirth of the most powerful man ever. History repeats. But the messiah who will save the world from evil, to do so could destroy it. For the last time.


Have to wave hands around theatrically in the pitch as well


Would you give me 1 billion dollar’s budget for that Narg ?


I don’t know if RJ meant it to be this way or not, but the Wheel of Time is basically the parallel stories of Rand 'al Thor and Egwene’s climb to power to save the world.

I would pitch it that way, and from the get go I would have tell two parallel stories of the two, and Mat and Perrin as much as I like the characters would play ‘secondary’ to the main two protagonists. Not to say that they would have small roles in the series, but I think Rand and Egwene are the central characters.

In the beginning of the books Rand has a lot of page time and the later books Egwene gets more time because Rand gets too powerful too quick.


‘‘In the beginning of the books Rand has a lot of page time and the later books Egwene gets more time because Rand gets too powerful too quick.’’

That’s what I thought too. Once travelling was really discovered the story could have been wrapped up in 2 or 3 pages!


What is it like to find out, you might be the savior of the world? How do you endure the weight of that responsibility amidst an exotic fantasy world of travel, discovery, adventure, coming of age, war, politics, knowledge, un-expected friendships, darkfriends, trollocs, invaders, Forsaken, magic & love? All of these things are woven together using familiar fantasy tropes, groundbreaking perspectives, a dynamic cast of characters and the balance between light & dark. Bound to the wheel for long enough, this epic fantasy is poised to be unleashed on the world.


Wheel of Time Mixology

  • 2 parts Star Wars
  • 2 part Game of Thrones
  • 1 part Heroes
  • 1 part Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • 1 dash of Quantum Leap
  • 1 part The Walking Dead
  • 2 parts Lord of the Rings

This is a drink best sipped over 14 season.


What a cocktail! When Travelling could we have the sound effect of Ali opening the holographic door in Quantum leap.