Head of Genre at Amazon Studio's Confirms Dark Tower



Looks Promising…


My only worry would be - as you say - Amazon’s propensity to cancel shows that so much as underperform. They won’t be able to do that to the LOTR series since they committed to doing 5 seasons of it in their deal with the Tolkien Estate, so if there’s some financial loss from that another series might get the axe to compensate.

But it’s all hypothetical at this point. Let’s wait and see if there’s any announcement.


UPDATE: The retweet that sparked this article has been deleted…but @ClubSTEPHENKING have reported Amazon contacted them to say that DT is in development with them but not greenlighted. If WoT is indeed with Amazon then it is most likely in the same situation, which means it could be awhile yet before we here anything.


I’m optimistic that there is more story here. I hope producers are holding back and deleting pre-mature hashtags in anticipation of larger media release opportunities (JordanCon2018).


One can hope🤠 If Harriet is at JordanCon, even if there is no announcement and she can’t say anything, people should be able to gauge her reaction, when she is asked the question of whether or not Amazon are the ones Sony are working with.




I think the Wheel of Time has a big enough fan base, and is an interesting enough story that if handled correctly will run start to finish. If they turn out something of the quality as ‘Legend of the Seeker’ then I won’t have a problem with an early cancellation because I won’t be watching.


I agree. Legend of the Seeker was like a poor man’s Xenia. I enjoyed the book series, but the TV series is a good example of how a low budget can deflate a decent story. I hope WoT has considerably more production behind it than LotS.


Narg, this article has a nice link back to your article.

All the talk of these fantasy titles together makes me think about a couple things. One, Amazon seems to be making a play on the fantasy niche. I would say this is a fruitful addition to their brand. Two, there must be a business strategy to having multiple irons in similar fires. With varied filming and release dates of each show, there must be opportunities for production overlap and network cost savings.