Hawking = Hawkwing?!?


Recently, Stephen Hawking passed away but left us with one final bit of work to unravel. He thinks that there are multiple universes that may be similar to our own; the multiverse theory. He believed that if we studied the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) then we might be able to discover these other universes.

Great so what does this have to do with WoT? Well, what exactly is the CMB? It is the oldest light in the universe and was created about 300,000 years after the Big Bang. This light is uniformly distributed throughout the universe with a few exceptions; some places have more and some places have less.

So, my thoughts are, what if we study the CMB in depth and happen to find a place where it is present more than anywhere else in the universe; a source of the CMB. What if we found that we could harness it’s energy to help power our electronics, cars…everything…including ourselves. Maybe it is composed of actual elemental threads that can be associated to things like fire, spirit, earth, water, and air.

What is even more interesting is that our planet happens to fall on a plane aligned with different CMB temperatures. This plane separates hot CMB radiation from cold. When you look at this with the typical dipole appearance, a familiar image appears. See below.


All I am saying is that if a scientist comes along who discovers what I described above and their name is Tamyrlin…I think us WoT fans will be ready…