Dream Castings!



Two Superman actors are big wheel of Time fans. Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh.

Henry might be convinced to guest star for cheap and Brandon is probably affordable for a bigger role, so who would you cast them as if they made themselves available?


Henry Cavill is too Hollywood, so I don’t even want to consider it.

Brandon Routh is excellent and since he is from my neck of the woods, I like casting him even more. He would make a great Asmodean, but I can’t wait four seasons, he needs cast in Eye of the World for opening season teasers and hype. If he could be convinced to play a larger re-occuring role, Galad.


China Anne McClain for Tuon

She’s the right height and age for the role already, is a pretty versatile actress, and the face, eyes and lips are the perfect shape


How about Ian Anthony Dale as Lan?

Age 40, Height 6”




Julian McMahon for Ishamael; if you want a civilized, urbane villain, this if your guy.


Ian McShane for the gleeman. I don’t care how its done, just get it done.


That’s a really great pick for Lan! I think they should go for (American-/British-) East-Asian actors for the characters from the North given that the Japanese and Chinese cultures were a pretty obvious inspiration for Shienarans, Kandori etc. Dichen Lachman, who someone suggested above, should get some role in the series for sure.

I think Chloe Bennet (Agents of SHIELD) would be a great pick for Faile (she’s half-Chinese):


I could see her as Alanna Mosvana (sorry if that’s wrong) as well


Looks like Narg to me😉


I definitely agree with your choice for Moraine Damodred. You have to remember that Lanfear is only a hand shorter than Rand al’Thor himself. We have to assume Rand is at least 6ft’2 since he is a head taller than Perrin and Mat both, and Rand is of a height with Lan, or and inch shorter. But alas the choice for Lanfer is inconsequential to other Main Characters. ( Nynaeve, Elayne, Egwene, Mat, Perrin, Lan, Faile, To start with for at least the first or two series. Which all depends if they make two or three books in one season. Which wouldn’t truly do the books justice. If I were them i would do the first book in one series, then after words fit 1.5 books in each series after that. Because if they don’t go into detail in the first season, people will be lost.


No. I think Rand is about 6’2 and Lan is about 6’4. If anyone should play Rand it is me. :slight_smile: I have dark red hair, blue grey eyes I’m 6’ 1/2”. With his broad shoulders, and I’ve already had training with practice swords. ( my form of meditation) but all kidding aside I think a good actor for Rand would be Robb Stark from Game of thrones.




Isabela Moner as Egwene?


I would like to see Hugh Jackman as Lan



Narg would eat that!:eyes:



Paul Giamatti as master Basel Gill.

Ian McShane for the Gleeman. Yeah you would have to do some camera work to make up for his short stature but I think he would be great.


Found Nynaeve


Hello everyone, finally made an account here since I’m desperate for some active WoT discussion as the tv show gets closer.

I have some casting ideas already, but only one real dream casting and that is Sean Bean as Lews Therin. My justification for this comes mainly for his role as Boromir in LotR, which showed that Sean Bean is truly capable of encompassing the whole character from the celebrated Champion of Light (the scene from the extended edition where he reclaims Osgiliath for Gondor) to the madman who lost himself and later came back to his senses and desperately pleaded for forgiveness (him attacking Frodo and later dying in Aragorn’s arms). It also fulfills the obvious joke of him always dying.

Other than that my only hope is that they keep faithful to the ethnicities (and appearances as much as they can, that includes height, sorry Narg) and don’t raceswap characters “just because”. The world of WoT is incredibly diverse as it is and I’ve always felt that every kind of X-washing is equally bad. I’m mixed race myself, but I’ll be totally bummed if the Aiel are not as tall as the Dutch Irishmen who speak with a russian accent :joy:

Although I wouldn’t be as against an asian Lan, for example, since the Borderlanders and their culture do have a heavy asian influence, BUT the most important thing is that no matter who they cast, he needs to have ice cold blue eyes that stare deep into your soul. That’s like the second most prominent thing that’s used to describe him apart from his stone-like face and the hadori.




My fancast for Semirage gorgeous Naomi Campbell.
I think Richard Armitage could be perfect Demandred