Dream Castings!



Hello everyone!

I thought I’d start that customary thread common to every existing book series fan communities that are getting their series adapted on screen :slight_smile:

So what are your potential picks for any of the WoT characters (either more realistic or less realistic)?

For me, out of the realistic ones, it would be an English actress Jenna Coleman as Moiraine (known for British series Doctor Who and Victoria). Here are 2 pictures that made me think of her as Moiraine:

By the time the production rolls around she’ll be around the right age, not too young and not too old (she’s 32 now) and she would be financially affordable. She’s also extremely diminutive, so fits Moiraine’s physical description to a tee.

As for more unrealistic casting picks: a Korean superstar Jeon Ji Hyun as Lanfear. She’s tall, has long black hair and she’s glamorous. Here are two pictures of her in Lanfear’s signature white:

What actors would you like to see play your favourite WoT characters? Discuss!


Narg likes your Lanfear pick, but for Moiraine :wink: How tall is she?

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Here are Narg’s picks so far:

Nynaeve aka Jenifer Carpenter: She’s on the older side but heh no one wants to see Nynaeve hook up with someone old enough to be her dad.


Hugh Laurie for Thom: Has the acting and singing chops to pull off a gleeman/court bard.



Narg will eat anyone who who says Sam Elliot or Jeff Bridges!:open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Christopher Heyerdahl as Fain: He does creepy disturbed characters very well without being cheesy. Recently been in Hell on Wheels as the Swede and Van Helsing as Sam.




FYI you can just paste the image url without using the link button and the image will appear when you post.

I was worried that the pictures would be too big, but now that I edited my post they seem OK, both on desktop and mobile. Wasn’t sure if this forum resized images :wink:

How tall is she?

Not sure which one you mean: Jenna Coleman is 1.57m/5’2″, Jeon Ji Hyun is 1.73 m/5’8″.

I love your picks for Thom and Fain, and both actors are not out of Amazon’s financial range.

Jennifer Carpenter would be great as Nynaeve, she doesn’t even look her age, but I think they might go for little known actors or complete unknowns when casting the Emond’s Field Five and all the younger characters (Elayne, Gawyn, Galad, Aviendha, Min etc.) and reserving big name castings or just more experienced and established actors for “older” characters (Moiraine, Lan, Morgase etc.).

As for the Nynaeve/Lan age gap: I think they are likely to make Lan younger than Nynaeve older, though of course many actors play younger than they actually are.

I remembered another actress I had in mind for Moghedien when reading WoT - Carrie Anne Moss:

EDIT: Now that I think about it she would also make a great Elaida.


As much as I’d like Jenifer Carpenter for Nynaeve, there really is a problem with age. By the time the show is over she’ll probably be like 50.

I’d like to see Cate Blanchett as Morgase. She’s has some experience playing queens and she’s great at it. And the age difference between actress and character is not that big.


I’ve always liked Patrick Gibson as Rand. Check out The OA on Netflix. He is around 6’ and has the red hair.

I also like Tatiana Maslany as Nynaeve. Watch Orphan Black; she’s an amazing actress who can do just about anything.

Daniel Wu as Lan (maybe).

Most importantly, me as Perrin! Before you say anything about me being a “ginger” Narg, I can dye my hair.


Wow, yes. Absolutely


Patrick Gibson has the Rand look, but… he is 5’ 9.5" and that is short. Rand’s height is a plot point with being half Aiel and sticking out like a sore thumb in crowds. Robert Jordan has stated that Rand would be 6’ 5" or 6’ 6" tall. Here are some actors that could meet this casting requirement.

  1. Tom Hopper 6’ 5"
  2. Armie Hammer 6’ 5"
  3. Derek Theller 6’ 5"
  4. Kenton Duty 6’ 4"

My pick is definitely for Tom Hopper, although he would need to: shave, grow out his hair, and die it red.


I get what you are saying but I’d personally prefer the casting of Rand be based more on acting ability than height. I know you’re not saying that should be the main factor. Those are good picks I’ve just never seen them act except Armie but I think he may be too old and/or pricey. I did see Tom in GoT but not enough to judge him.

Tricks can be done to make an actor appear taller than he actually is like Tom Cruise etc.

To me, I thought Gibson’s role in The OA was amazing and reminded me of Rand. A teens journey to manhood.


Mahalleinir, I recommend you watch Black Sails on Starz. The Billy Bones character played by Tom Hopper is an innocent young pirate that, over the course of four seasons, is hardened by: a life at sea, untrustworthy relationships, attempts on his life, imprisonment, torture and combat. Many similarities to the events of Rand.

Tom cruise height tricks are worth the time and money when you have a two hour blockbuster and Tom Cruise is a draw. In a series that spans many hours of content, I can’t imagine the cost of height tricks pays off. In this case, effective casting can pay dividends over the length of the series.

I agree with Tinturiel that the Emond’s Field five will likely be unknown/ lesser known actors. I think Tom Hopper is a capable up and coming actor that fits the bill physically as well as acting ability. My biggest worry is that given how long it is taking the series to get off the ground, Tom may be onto other opportunities (maybe bigger and better). If the wait continues, the younger, lessor known actors, that I mentioned may get some experience under their belts.

I certainly hope there are other tall actor suggestions that I have overlooked. I have a handful of other suggestions in the 6’ 3" range.


I also agree the younger characters should be relatively unknown and cast big name actors in the Moiraine, Lan, Thom etc roles.

I will definitely check out Black Sails; I’ve been meaning too anyway. Tom H has the look and if the acting is there then yeah he’s about perfect.

I also agree with you about the height and Tom Cruise thing.


Heres my ideas for a few characters. Some people might agree or disagree. That’s fine, the great thing about reading is how we all see our own idea of what it should look like. Feel free to leave an opinion.

Faile. The actress is currently in the 100.

Josh Holloway as Lan

Easy one. Evanegline lily as Nynaeve

Mazrim Taim

Richard from LOST for Logain.

Mordeth/Padin Fain



Thanks for looking.


Being a below average height Trolloc of questionable looks, Narg feels the show should break away from the stereotype of heroes having to be tall and good looking…

RJ had a height obsession for his men.


Scrap Rand and make Gaidal Cain the Dragon Reborn in the show?


Narg wants to cast Ian Somerhalder as someone, but not sure who he’d be the best fit for…


Narg could seem him as Ishamael or Moridin. One of the Forsaken for sure.


I always imagined James McAvoy as Moridin, though he’s too Hollywood admittedly:

As for Aviendha - if we’re going for less experienced actresses that would be about the right age once the filming rolls around in 2-3 years - Sadie Sink (Max from Stranger Things) would be a good pick in my opinion (she’s 16 right now).

Alternatively, Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones (though I don’t rate her highly as an actress):

Or Karen Gillan (Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy, the new Jumanji), though she’s on the “older” side (if you can call 30-years-old older…) She is very tall, so would fit Aviendha’s height description (1.80m/5′11″):


Ok Narg has made us mind up: :wink:

Sean bean for Ishamael and Ian for Moridin



Gaywin or would he be too old?


He’s 40, so in Hollywood years 25-30 :eyes:

@Mahalleinir has made an inspired/genius casting on Twitter…


Hmmm… I would only like one actor/actress from GoT to play in WoT tv show I suppose… And it would be

Rose Leslie as Aviendha

I’d like Natalia Dyer to play as someone. Nicola Treehill maybe?

Karla Souza is my Elaida

And Aja Naomi King is my Tuon

And finally, Dichen Lachman as Faile



I wouldn’t use any Game of Thrones actors in this series. IMO.